eBay Enters The Fight

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that eBay is planning to begin offering sponsored ads to websites, but most people have been concentrating on continuing rumors that “yes, they will” or “no, they won’t” partner with one of the search properties. Hello? eBay’s gonna do it themselves, or at least give it a shot. Of course, all they really have to offer potential advertisers are links to auctions. A website will have to be careful in their keyword selection to bid for links to auctions that complement their content, not compete with them, just as they do for more standard PPC ads. I just hope they find a way to deal with the weird/funny auctions that are becoming so popular on eBay. I’m not sure I’d like to see an ad for an auction for “Bill Shatner’s old toupee” (apologies to Weird Al Yankovic for the out-of-context quote) on Vidal Sasson’s website – would you?

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Frances Krug has worked in market research since graduating from UCLA with an MA and CPhil in Latin American history. As an editor and online content provider for the last 7 years, she currently is Associate Editor at iNET Interactive, where she also directs Search Marketing Standard's email marketing program.

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