Editor’s Picks: January 19-23, 2009


Here is this week’s installment of the editor’s picks.

SEO value of Twitter. As with many other things, Aaron Wall stands opposed to the majority opinion. He makes some interesting points in his post on how Twitter can have a negative impact on your online marketing campaigns. As a SEO guy, he notes that there is little link value in your tweets. Of course, the value of Twitter is not limited to gaining links and visitors. It is also a place where you can listen to what your customers (or prospect customers) have to say.

Reputation management for affiliate marketing. Lee Odden has a nice writeup on the issue of reputation management when running an affiliate program.

Reaching out to the bigshots. When trying to reach important players in your field, there are rules to follow. Here is a nice post outlining some of them. The list might seem obvious but from my own experience I can tell you that most people rarely follow any of these suggestions.

International SEO. Michael Gray has an article out this morning on international SEO. With many countries around the globe catching up to the American quality of life (of course, many places already enjoy a comparable lifestyle), international search marketing will only grow in importance.

Social media marketing on steroids. If you are interested in enterprise level social media marketing, I suggest you sign up for this upcoming webinar. It is taking place on February 5, 2009 at 10 am PST. The discussion should not be limited to marketing and the speakers should also talk about internal benefits of social media for large organizations.

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