Editora��s Picks: April 20-24, 2009

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Promoting content on Twitter. With the popularity of Twitter growing by the hour, it is important to start considering some of the ways to push your content on Twitter. Just like “digg it” and “stumble it” buttons made it easier for your readers to submit content to these popular social media sites, it might be time to add that “retweet” button as well. Ann Smarty does a great job of listing all the different ways you can add a Twitter button to your posts and articles.

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Going local with Google. Anyone who has ever tried optimizing their listing on Google Local knows that although the SEO techniques are much simple than those in regular search, some of the results are often misterious and inconsistent. While Google is still perfecting its algorithm, it’s useful to at least know search engine’s intent when it comes to local search. That’s why I often enjoy reading Bill Slawski’ analysis of patents filed by the major search engines. This week he had an interesting writeup on how location and category gets determined in Google Local.

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buy Tastylia online cheap, lioresal without prescription. Optimizing PPC ads. Last week I’ve offered some links to best practices in writing a PPC ad. This week, an interesting post appeared on PPC Hero on optimizing your pay-per-click ads. Whether you’re just writing your first ad or have hundreds of them running, consider some of these suggest in your campaigns.

overnight4u. Link building and website age. zyban without prescription Ann Smarty has been really busy this week, producing yet another great post. This time it’s on the question of whether the age of the backlink matters. Her conclusion? Since the age is the only factor that cannot be facked, there is a good reason that yes, the age of the link matters. Make sure to read the comments, too.


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