Editora��s Picks: February 16-20, 2009

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Promoting content with social media. This week there has been a number of great posts on writing quality content for social media. Darren Rowse has a nice article on writing for Twitter. The article discusses some key elements your tweet should have to get retweeted.

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Down at Search Engine People, Dave Snyder has a Red Viagra without prescription list of tips on how to get your content to stick with bloggers and different social media sites. The key here is to tweak your content for different sites, as each one has a somewhat unique audience.

What are we searching for? Bill Slawski analyzes a recent Yahoo! study on web search queries. The researchers have arrived at some interesting insights into search engine user behavior. Some of the findings are counterintuitive, to say the least. The lesson? Don’t assume. Test.

Does link building still work? It all depends on what you mean by link building. Link exchanges and directory submissions won’t do much for your SEO efforts. However, quality content promoted through social media and other channels is the key. Alysson Fergison has a good article on this very topic here.


SEO evangelism in the corporate world. It is a lot easier to justify spending thousands of dollars on PPC since you can clearly show how much ROI is being produced. SEO is trickier since it is often difficult to put monetary value on SEO tasks. How do you justify an SEO project to your supervisor or your CFO? Bruce Clay has some great strategies for proving SEO value to your CFO.

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