Editora��s Picks: February 23-27, 2009

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Local SEO. Search Engine Journal has some buy cialis Red Viagra order useful advice on search engine optimization for local buy Brand Viagra online, zithromax online. . Bottom line, directories, this time local directories, might get a new lease on life. Google uses a lot of these sources as references for your listing so make sure you appear in as many of those as possible.

Culture and Social Media Marketing. Jeremiah Owyang has a very interesting post on the role of internal company culture on adoption of social media strategies. Jeremiah also posted a nice case study of how IBM was able to adopt social media throughout the organization.

Speaking of social media, if you are hesitant to start opening up to your clients for fear of negative feedback, put your mind to rest. Even GM is still getting a decent amount of positive feedback on its popular blog. Besides, just because you don’t have a blog or a twitter account, doesn’t mean customers are not already talking about your brand. By tapping into these existing conversations you can: 1. get useful ideas on how to improve your product/service 2. respond to unreasonable accusations and 3. at the very least listen and monitor your online reputation.

Video Search Marketing. Here is another SEJ post, this time by Ann Smarty, listing some dofollow video sharing sites. Looks like a great list. There were a few sites on that list that I’ve never heard of before but will make sure to check them out.

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  1. For "Local SEO", there is a great resource listing all the local search engines & directories a local business should be listed in. It is at http://www.emarketingmatador.com/step-2-local-search-directories. We made this for our own customers but think everyone needs to know this, especially with the economy etc.