Editora��s Picks: July 13-17, 2009

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How to get started blogging? Many of us realize the importance of blogging for online marketing but as with anything else, it is difficult to get started. So how do you get started? There is a nice post on ProBlogger this week on the first steps for new bloggers which answers this very question.

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Increasing landing page conversions. The upcoming issue of Search Marketing Standard will feature a great interview with Tim Ash on the topic of landing page optimization. Although perhaps not as hot a topic as Twitter and Bing these days, landing pages are still important and many businesses still pay the consequences of getting the basics wrong. To make sure you’re not one of them, take a quick look at this post on 10 easy ways to optimize your landing pages. Don’t forget to Viagra Soft purchase lioresal without prescription buy dapoxetine online, buy lioresal online. subscribe in time to get the Fall 09 issue (just about to go to press) and read the interview with Tim.

Is your business too unique? We all like to think of ourselves and our business as unique and distinct from the competition. We all hear that in marketing you need to differentiate yourself from the rest, but have you ever considered that your product/service may be TOO unique to perform meaningful SEO? This is the question Matt McGee raises in his post on when social media & PR matters more than SEO. There are products and services out there that people simply don’t search for. So how do they get noticed? Read the article to find out.

Online reputation management crisis how-to. The aimClear blog has a great post out this week on what to do in a reputation management crisis. It discusses how to monitor the unfolding situation. Unfortunately, it falls short of explaining how to respond. For more on how to respond, take a look at this BusinessWeek article.

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