Editora��s Picks: July 20-24, 2009

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Marketing on Twitter. There has been a lot of talk about Twitter and how to promote your business there. There are also a ton of books already on the market, but I still enjoy a good post on the topic, especially if it has been written by Lee Odden and his Twitter followers. This one lists 50 ways to fail on Twitter.

Measuring the impact of SEO. If you thought measuring SEO was easy, think again. Although the direct impact on your traffic and conversions is fairly easy to calculate, what about branding or offline promotion? Laura Callow, a contributor to this publication, has a great post out on measuring SEO ROI Viagra Sublingual cheap .

Content and link building. buy Caverta, buy zithromax. Garrett French, another long-time contributor to our magazine and website, has an excellent (and very detailed) piece on order Lasix researching and developing linkable content. The article answers questions about the type of content that’s most popular, the format, the topics, etc. Garrett also provides links to concrete examples. Good stuff.

While we’re on the topic of link building, here is an interesting post on some local link building ideas. The author recommends local organizations as potential sources of links.

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