Editor’s Picks: July 6-10, 2009

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International search marketing. We did an entire cover series on international search engine markets a while back. This week, the Search Engine People blog went international with not one, but two, posts on international search marketing. Garrett French, also a contributor to our magazine, kicked off the first post on international link building buy cialis . The second post by Ron Kunitzky is dedicated to international SEO. Both authors note that there are many opportunities outside the borders of the United States, but also that there are many challenges. Make sure to stop by their blog once a while for new posts in this series.

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Google Quality Score. A nice post on Google Quality Score was published on PPC Hero blog this week. It focuses on one aspect of the Quality Score, namely the clickthrough rate for your ads. If you’re running any PPC campaigns, make sure to check it out. Also, the cover story of the next issue of the magazine will be dedicated to all the factors that go into Google’s Quality Score.

baclofen tablets buy, buy zithromax online. Content SEO. Lee Odden has a great writeup this week on buy baclofen online thyrox 200 without a prescription. assessing the readiness of content SEO. Many companies have more assets they can leverage in their search engine optimization efforts than they realize. Lee asks spot-on questions that you can use to access your own content SEOA�resources.


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