Editor’s Picks: June 1-5, 2009

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How might Bing affect your PPC campaigns? Hate it or love it, Microsoft is betting its future in the search engine space (not to mention millions of dollars) on their new search engine. While discussions on this new “Google killer” rage on and while it is too soon to tell if it’ll become as successful as Microsoft hopes, search marketers need to be ready for potential changes to their existing adCenter campaigns that might come with the introduction of this new player. PPC Hero takes a look at some of the likely implications.

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Company culture and social media. As social media continues its march across the web, companies in more and more industries find themselves faced with the fact that their customers are going social online. It is one thing for a Silicon Valley startup to run social media marketing campaigns. It is completely different for a customer service rep to realize the need for social media tools to improve user experience. Social media is bound to affect all levels of your company, not just marketing. So how do you prepare and embrace this trend? Here are a number of suggestions.

Licensing content. It is likely that at one time or another you’ve considered supplementing your existing in-house website content production with additional content from other sources. But how do you know that it will provide additional value for your readers as well as the search engines? Before you decide, take a look at this list of things to consider before licensing content.


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