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Strategic link building. Linking has been with us since the dawn of the Internet era. Links facilitate browsing, and without them searching would be close to impossible. Links are also vital in ranking, and most search marketers have focused on link building as a fundamental strategy in any SEO campaign. These days content link building is the strategy of choice, but it is certainly not the only one out there. Lee Odden, who has always had a unique approach to SEO, has a nice article out on some other ways you can leverage your company’s resources for link building.

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Keyword research for pay-per-click campaigns. Apcalis SX online, clomid without prescription. The key to any successful PPC campaign is the keyword list. The better your list, the more competitive you can be. There are probably thousands of articles on this topic, and I’m sure you’ve already read a good number of them. Nonetheless, PPC Hero has an interesting post out on some ways you can use tools Google offers to squeeze even more keywords out of them. Specifically, the article deals with the Google Wonder Wheel and Google Related Search. Check it out.

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Blogging: writing headlines and editing your existing posts. I also found two very interesting articles on blogging. The first one is from Copyblogger, a must-read resource for anyone developing content, dealing with writing headlines. The headline is key for any successful post, especially in the age of social media. I’ve seen updated headlines give old, poorly performing posts a new lease on life. It is amazing the difference a well-written headline can make.

The second piece on blogging is a guest post by Barry Welford on the need to update your old posts. We actually did an article in the last issue of the magazine where we discussed the need to recycle old blog posts. There are numerous advantages to this strategy, and you can learn all about them from Barry’s post.

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