Editora��s Picks: June 8-12, 2009

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New technology adoption and your customers. Many new content distribution channels like RSS or Twitter have become second nature to a tech-savvy crowd – so much so that we often forget that there is a whole world of newspaper-reading, AOL-using potential customers out there. As Michael Gray recently noted in his post on RSS adoption issues, the adoption rates for new technologies drop off the cliff outside of theA�tech section. It is always a good idea to give your customers as many options as possible, but do not approach these technologies as a silver bullet, and be cautious with anyone who tells you otherwise.

Keeping your URL structure in order. Matt McGee has a nice recap on the rules for writing URLs. All the major strategies are in there, including having URLs as short as possible, avoiding too many parameters, and remembering to set up 301 redirects when moving pages. Make sure you’re following all seven rules!

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Thinking about conversion attribution. Attribution has been a hot topic lately and deservingly so. For too long the final click has been the final word in conversion and analytics. It is only now that search marketers are beginning to realize that those clicks do not exist in a vacuum, and there are other factors that contribute to any given conversion. To learn more, take a look at this article on attribution and customer lifecycle.

Kamagra Chewable no rx, buy zithromax. buy arimidex online no prescription. AdWords new conversion tracking metrics. I’m not a big fan of reporting on new developments at Google, but this one deserves some attention since it impacts your PPC campaigns. Google has introduced new conversion tracking metrics to the updated AdWords interface. So what do these things mean and how can they benefit your search engine marketing campaigns? PPC Hero has the scoop on some of the things you need to know about the new AdWords conversion tracking metrics.


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