Editora��s Picks: March 16-20, 2009

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With the social media news and advice all over the blogosphere these days, I’ve decided to focus on buy cialis Brand Viagra cheapest buy Viagra Professional online ordering ivermectin online. , buy Zoloft online. search engine optimization for this week’s Editor’s Picks. Despite a huge buzz Twitter and Facebook are generating among marketers, I’m yet to be convinced that social media marketers know what they are doing. Until then, I’ll share what I come across but I’ll be skeptical.

PR and SEO. Whether you are a marketer working closely with the PR department or you’re just writing your own SEO-friendly press releases, take a look at these 4 tips for getting PR approval on optimized press releases.

Link building. There are a number of good articles/posts out on link building. Eric Ward, the source of linking advice in my book (and a contributor to the magazine), has a great column out on link engagement.

Does the second link from a page boost ranking? That’s the question Gabriel Goldenberg takes up in his post at SEO ROI.

Another linking building strategy I always find interesting is link baiting using a quiz. If well-designed, quizzes perform well. Just last week there was a wave of quiz taking on Facebook and although annoying at times, it is also illuminating. Ann Smarty has some good strategies for designing your very own quiz campaign. If you are looking to explore this topic further, we have a more detailed analysis of the quiz link building strategy in the Spring 09 issue of the Search Marketing Standard magazine. You can backorder that issue here cheap bupropion .


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