Editora��s Picks: March 30-April 3, 2009

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User-generated content and search marketing. You’ve probably seen a number of sources talking about integrating user-generated content (UGC) into your websites for SEO or SMO purposes. There is another side to this story since UGC sites can also serve as great sources for quality links. Alysson Fergison has a nice list of the most popular UGC sites with some explanation why each one is worthwhile.

order Sertraline Content is still king. The links vs. content debate has often times missed the point since you need quality content to get people to link to you. With many other link building tactics turning gray hat at best, linkworthy content is still your best bet for getting quality backlinks. So how do you know which content is linkworthy? You look at what’s out there. Top news stories, hot social media topics, and popular content formats, are all fair game. Here are some greats tips on how to research the right content to help you along.

Content/keyword research with Wikipedia. Believe it or not but Wikipedia can also be a useful source of data for your keyword, content or niche research. Ann Smarty lists a number of Wikipedia content visualization tools that can help you see trends, map the content and find similar topics/keywords.

Making money from your blog. Since 2004, blogs have spread all over the web like wild fire. With so many competitors, it has become difficult to monetize a blog and with the current global economic downturn advertisers are even harder to come by. That’s why Michael Gray’s post this morning on buy sildalis allopurinol price increase. best practices in integrating ads into your blog nolvadex cheapest is so timely.

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