Editorai??i??s Picks: March 9-13, 2009


Optimizing your blog. Getting your site properly crawled and indexed is no easy task and although platforms like WordPress are easier to work with, they are not without problems. So how do you optimize your blog pages below the index, especially those archives? There is a post with some good strategies cheap Antabuse buy lisinopril on that issue down at Michael Gray’s blog.

While we’re on the topic of blogging, Bill Hartzer has Viagra Professional buy order nolvadex online cheap, buy dapoxetine online. torasemid rezeptfrei bestellen. some advice on how to write a quality blog post.

Measuring social media marketing. Gabriel Goldenberg from SEO ROI has some very interesting insights into social media marketing and human behavior, with a little help from Dan Ariely and his book, Predictably Irrational. I read his book recently and I highly recommend it to anyone involved in any sort of marketing activity.

Keyword research. It’s the basis of any search engine marketing campaign, both in PPC and SEO. A well-developed keyword list can be a major advantage over the competition. Yet, one area still poorly researched is the impact of keywords on brand. Laura Centore has a nice writeup on the impact of keywords on brand at Search Engine Land.

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  1. Hey Andrew, Thanks a bunch for the kind words. You guys published a great SMS recently btw - Bill Slawski's interview and the Conversion Attribution feature taught me a hell of a lot. And considering how much I read separately from your magazine, that's saying something.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the magazine, Gab. All the credit goes to our contributors and to Bill for some great responses to my questions.