Editora��s Picks: May 11-15, 2009

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buy levitra Google Content Network. Many marketers have been burned advertising on the Content Network but as our contributors have repeatedly stated in the magazine, there are ways to make sure your Content Network campaigns perform. There is little doubt that it is trickier than the Search Network but the rewards could be greater as well. Here is an interesting article on broadening exposure on Google Content Network to get you started. For more on the Google Content Network, check out our Spring 09 and Summer 09 issues.

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Improving website conversions. Getting a visitor to your website is just half of the story. The other half is turning that visitor into a buyer. Although every website is different, there are some basic strategies that should be employed no matter the niche or the type of the site. Here is a nice list of Cialis Professional buy online, generic zithromax. 5 ways to improve your conversion rate today.

Getting started in social media marketing. So you have finally opened your Twitter account and created that Facebook page. Now what? Despite the huge popularity of social media sites and a good number of articles on the topic, many businesses still don’t know where to start. Take a look at this very broad overview of social media marketing cialis in florida. which should help put different tactics into a broader context.

Blogging. How often is enough? This is yet another question many businesses are asking themselves. How much unique content does one need to produce? Bottom line, it all depends on your niche. If you are selling lightbulbs, there is less to talk about and less user participation than when you are selling vacation packages. Of course, there are other things to consider. For the full overview, I suggest reading the following post on ProBlogger.

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  1. Thanks for making Brian's "4 Steps of Social Media Marketing" an editor's pick. Social networks are a real challenge; the mix of public relations, consumer relations and traditional marketing is a challenging one. We see more traditional companies struggle with it the same way we saw marketing firms struggle with SEO 10 years ago.