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Juiceless links. Although all links are equal in the eyes of the user, some are more equal than others when it comes to SEO. By now it’s well understood that .edu, .gov and other authority sites are valuable sources of link juice and marketers are always concerned with the quality of those links. However, you need to evaluate such links carefully before you jump on the opportunity to acquire a few. At times these links might carry a nofollow attribute or employ a 302 redirect before leading to your site. Such links are worthless in terms of their SEO value. So how do you differentiate between a juicy link and the one that’s juiceless? A great post on Search Engine People Blog offers Viagra Plus for sale, acquire zithromax. a number of ways to identify juiceless links.

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prednisone reviews compro viagra. Personal brand in the age of social media. With the rise of social media, a personal brand has become crucial, and so has the need to protect it. With more and more personal details out in the open, employers, business associates, partners and even clients are interested in the people they deal with. You need to protect your brand and the best way to guard against any troubles in the future is to claim it online. Register a domain with your name in it, open social media accounts, produce content in your name, etc. Take a look at this post for a full to-do list on protecting your personal brand online.

Bringing it all together. With so many different strategies going into search engine marketing, sometimes it’s useful to list them all as part of a larger strategy. This way it becomes clearer how each piece (nofollow, sitemap, content, keyword research, etc.) falls into place and why we employ these tactics in the first place. This is exactly what Marty Weintraub has done at aimClear blog. Check out hisAi?? Guerrilla Webmasterai??i??s Guide.

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