Editor’s Picks, October 26-30, 2009

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The search engine wars buy Super Tadarise, acquire clomid. buy neurotin intensified this week as further details on developments involving Twitter, Bing, and Googlea��s new Social Search feature became clear. To help you make sense of what these developments mean for those involved in search and SEO, this weeka��s picks include a number of posts that bring clarity to the issues involved and the actual processes impacted. Is relevance more important than timeliness of results? What about privacy issues? Is anything real-time? Is Bing looking outward while Google looks inward? All are questions related to these events.

First up are posts on the implications of Bing and Googlea��s Twitter deals enabling tweets to be returned in the SERPs and a�� for Bing a�� the debut of a search feature for Twitter. Rob Garner from Search Insider assesses the likely impact of the deals on search results and Twittera��s future plans in A Big Week For Real-Time And Social Search. PC Worlda��s Jared Newman focuses on privacy matters and actual benefits to users in Viagra Super Active without prescription Social Search from Google and Bing: My 8 Big Concerns. Finally, Clint Boulton of eWeek discusses How Twitter Search Will Help Google, Microsoft Bing, with input from leading SEMs.

Early reviews of Googlea��s Social Search feature itself are thought-provoking as well. Danny Sullivan goes through some actual examples in Google Social Search Launches, Gives Results From Your Trusted a�?Social Circlea�? to explain how it works to enable you to see search results that include those from connections within your Google-based social networks. The HuoMah SEO blog entry Google Social Search; an early review also goes through an actual query and drills down into the results to explore the feature. For insights into the significance of Googlea��s Social Search, Noah Mallin of Reprise Media raises some interesting points in medical web prescriptions viagra. Google Versus Google a�� Will Social Search Tear the Company Apart?, while Tad Chef of SEOptimise talks about Googlea��s Social Media Strategy: Trial & Error zyban reviews .


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