Editor's Picks, October 5-9, 2009

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Maybe cheaters can prosper, under certain circumstances. How does one remember all the steps to complete a task like setting up a new client or all the nuances to keep front and center when rewriting URLs? Cheat sheets are part of the answer for me. Lots exist, but a couple have emerged lately into the light of day that got me thinking about how useful they can be for those “duh” moments.

SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of a URL — SEOmoz has some great cheat sheets posted from time to time, including the always-a-must The Web Developer’s SEO Checklist. This week’s entry is a compact yet powerful reminder of the parts of a URL, showing an SEO-friendly version versus an old-fashioned non-optimized version. Comes in a nice PDF version as well as the large image in the blog post.

25-Point Website Usability Checklist — Updated at the beginning of September, UserEffect’s website usability checklist is divided into handy sections. The list is available as a nice 1-page PDF version, although you will want to review the details on specifics under each point in the list that is laid out in the post itself.

Twitter Cheat Sheet for Businesses — This recent (Sept. 22) Twitter Cheat Sheet for Businesses by LevelTen sets out best practices and tips in a PDF format for handy reference. You will have to provide a name and email to get to the download page, however.

Procedure List + Monday Refocus Form — Low-tech doesn’t mean low value. WhiteHatBlackBox’s “Procedure List” is basically a 15-point to-do list you can customize for any task you need to do periodically, but keep forgetting all the steps to (or if you just want a record of it). Can be used for low-tech tasks (like balancing a checkbook, if anyone ever still does that) on up (like “how do I set up an FTP account again?”).

Bonus: Mod_Rewrite Cheat Sheet — For those of us who start to quake with fear when even thinking about rewriting URLs, here’s a link to the latest version of a dynamite cheat sheet on mod_rewrite matters at AddedBytes. If even the thought of that scares you, there’s even a related beginner’s guide to URL rewriting to help you achieve URL nirvana.

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