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Editor’s Picks – Reviews of Likeable Social Media and Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day

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Despite the obvious connection between online marketing and digital content, print books (like print magazines!) still find an audience among those involved in the industry. Books on a variety of aspects of doing business online are available to those who prefer print, and digital versions of those same books satisfy those who wish to consume content in that format.

Here are reviews of two books that would be worthy additions to your “to read” list.

buy viagra Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand,
and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and Other Social Networks)

by Dave Kerpen (McGraw-Hill, 2011).

lady era buy onlinea> Likeable Social MediaTo get the most out of it, this author believes it is vital to recognize “the two way interactive nature of social media” which dictates that one be likeable. This book takes you on the journey to be likeable, with 18 strategies to guide your social media interactions.

Each strategy has three related action items, and Kerpen excels at pointing out how each strategy fits the capabilities of specific social media properties. With numerous examples, Kerpen illustrates how being likeable with prospects and customers via social media can be very different from more traditional offline and online contact points, although the core concepts remain the same.

Even if you are already quite experienced with social media’s impact on business, Kerpen’s book is a good read that reminds you of the importance of seeing social media not just as another to do item on your list. It’s an entirely different means of communicating with your customer base, where likeability is the major currency.

Watch for an update to this book coming later this year.

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day,
by Evgenii “ Geno” Prussakov (Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2011)
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Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A DayFor those considering beginning an affiliate program, this book is an absolute must-read.

Using an instructional, step-by-step format, the book takes a prospective affiliate program manager through the processes involved in setting up a new affiliate program. Overall, the task is slated to take four months, set up in this fashion: Month 1 is devoted to pre-launch research and analysis, Month 2 to Setting Your Affiliate Program Up, Month 3 to Program Launch and Management, and Month 4 to Advanced Management and Analysis.

Within each month, a week’s tasks are further broken down, so that each day’s assignments can be accomplished in the one hour the book’s title suggests. Such a detailed breakdown lets you adjust the amount of time you need to complete the tasks, or skip ahead when possible.

The book is full of screenshots and images, and useful tools are identified and discussed. The sample documents (including a sample affiliate program agreement) included are extremely useful.

Chapter 17 is one of the best — Deadliest Mistakes to Avoid — with examples of 40 of the most common mistakes made by manager and affiliates alike. He follows this up with an inspiring chapter full of ideas for promoting an affiliate program and concludes with a glossary of abbreviations (vital for an industry that is replete with abbreviations for every possible idea, strategy, or means of sales).


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