Editor’s Picks, September 14-18, 2009

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It’s a different kind of Editor’s Picks this week, as we pay tribute to Andrey Milyan, our intrepid Editor-in-Chief. As some of you already know, Andrey has made the tough decision to leave the magazine he was responsible for initially visualizing and co-founding to move on to different challenges. Although in his farewell note to our magazine and online contributors he said that I had been secretly running the magazine for years anyway, that is far from the truth. As always, Andrey is being the consummate gentleman and scholar in this case, leaving with grace and exceedingly good manners. I will be stepping into some of his boots, but only some. Most generic prednisone buy levothroid lipothin sale. order Cialis Jelly online, purchase zithromax. are way too big for my tiny feet …

Next week I’ll be back with my nolvadex buy own take on what vital thoughts have come from the minds of those involved in the field during the week. Andrey — my thanks again for all you have done and taught me over the past few years. I know that everyone at Search Marketing Standard feels the same!


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Frances Krug has worked in market research since graduating from UCLA with an MA and CPhil in Latin American history. As an editor and online content provider for the last 7 years, she currently is Associate Editor at iNET Interactive, where she also directs Search Marketing Standard's email marketing program.

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