Editora��s Picks: September 7-11, 2009

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Alternatives to article marketing. If you are running out of places to submit your articles for link building purposes, consider guest blogging as an alternative. It will allow you to brand yourself, your company and to find new sources of backlinks. For more reasons to get started, take a look at this post on 5 reasons to start guest blogging.

Online reputation management. What does a search for your brand reveal about your company? Is it all positive or do you perhaps have damaging, negative results right on the first page? If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of negative publicity that might have ended up on Google, you’re in luck. Here are buy sildalis cipla viagra reviews. some strategies on how to manage the negative search results for your brand.

SEO question answered. Does it matter if your URL is followed by a trailing slash or not? Most marketers and developers don’t pay much attention to this little detail but as Ann Smarty points out in zoloft without prescription viagra purchase her post on this issue, failing to include a trailing slash can potentially lead to 302 redirects, a 404 page not found messages or even a duplicate content penalty. Who would’ve thought?

depakote without prescription, clomid without prescription. Buying links for SEO, is it worth it? If you have ever wondered whether to pay for links in your link building efforts, you should know that this technique has both pros and cons. The pros are the ability to get quality links and control their anchor text. The big problem, of course, is the chance of getting caught. Here is a more detailed list of pros and cons. Just remember, buying links is not a white hat SEO technique and can get your website penalized by search engines.


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  1. Audrey, I see you have been busy as usual. Nice looking material here. I'm off to read them all. Thanks very much! Rob in Atlanta