Embracing New Pay-Per-Click Media Formats

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If there is one thing that defines pay-per-click advertisinga��s coming of age, it is the advent of new media formats and the progression of multimedia advertising through a single search engine interface. Now more than ever as we closely scrutinize spend and return and ponder ways to gain a low cost competitive advantage while delivering our products to new audiences, these new advertising formats may hold the key to greater brand penetration. More importantly, they could also boast the power to make wary consumers sit up and take notice once again.

Not too long ago, pay-per-click meant text adverts on viagra online Google, Yahoo! or their search network partners. Now PPC is synonymous with on the move, targeted advertising available on mobile phones and displayed as local adverts, image and video clips.

New media access for pay-per-click advertisers symbolizes a new world of opportunities and poses a whole new set of problems. How do you choose which format is right for you? What tips and tricks Sertraline without prescription do these new ad formats call for? Will they be more expensive than traditional text ads? More importantly, will they work?

Using a pay-per-click budget wisely is about more than a careful selection of keywords and sticking to tried and tested advert text. Ita��s also about trying new technologies and keeping pace with the innovations Google and Yahoo! race to deliver.

Image Ads

Image adverts are a powerful new addition to the pay-per-click control panel, combining the power of a picture with targeting features common to traditional text adverts. At present, image adverts are restricted to partner websites and do not feature in traditional ad spaces at the left hand side of the search results. In order to make the most of image ad space, choose a picture that captures the interest and imagination of your target market and makes a statement about the product or service you are advertising via pay-per-click.

Video Ads

Also known as click to play, video adverts offer the ultimate in pay-per-click interaction. Working in the same way as a video stream on a website, the user can play, pause and replay the ad. Creativity is the key a�� a good image ad will take on a life of buy Viagra Soft, generic Zoloft. its own and create a viral buzz about your product.

As with any form of pay-per-click advertising, the video ad should be closely integrated with the product or service you have to sell. Video ads are eligible for both the Google content network and Google video. To keep costs down, advertisers are given the option to pay on a CPC basis, meaning a cost is debited only when the user clicks to go through to the site, not to play the video.

Mobile Ads

A trend set to grow and grow, mobile pay-per-click adverts are delivered to the palm of the hand. With two lines of text as standard, the advert can be targeted to individual networks to ensure relevancy and gives secrets to help cialis work better. advertisers the option to connect the viewer directly to their business phone or mobile web page.

Mobile pay-per-click ads capitalize on convenience and so benefit from multiple tests to fine tune the marketing message and ad text.

Local Business Ads

Google AdWords pioneered the local ad, turning the global reach of pay-per-click advertising on its head to deliver a more personal experience. A local advert is a buy fluoxetine pay per click ad that is uniquely linked to a specific geographical area. If you have several stores or office locations, local ads allow you to target local clients, emphasizing the local connection and creating local customer brand awareness.


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