Excel Pivots Into Position For Keyword Ranking

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As I confessed awhile back, I’m a total amateur with the more intricate parts of Excel, so I rely on tools to help me slice and dice data when I need to do so. Looks like maybe I’m not alone in my reticence to take baby steps toward becoming a Jedi master with Excel buy malegra (I should live so long!). Yesterday, another site came to my rescue with a beginner’s guide to pivot tables, a feature of Excel that enables you to do amazing things with data, in this case, prepare some graphs that show keyword ranking over time.

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If you, like me, feel pivot-table-challenged, buy dopoxetine Richard Baxter has a very simple-to-follow tutorial on using pivot tables to create some awesome charts over at SEOmoz. The wonderful thing about this tutorial is that it’s directed at a prime SEO-related task, making it easy to see the benefits of learning such an application. Richard says that “making them is heaps of fun” — hmmm …. don’t know if I’d go that far, but it is sure to impress clients and make you look like an Excel mastermind in the process.Wonder if I’ll get brownie points if I teach my boss how to do this?


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