Facebook Launches App Center In the UK

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Having been launched in the US in June, the Facebook App Center was launched earlier this month in the UK with hundreds of apps now available to download. It can be accessed directly from Facebook on your computer, but also via the Facebook app on Apple OS platform and on Android. Along with the apps on the US version, the UKai??i??s Facebook App Center has some added applications that are European-based. Deezer, for example, is the French version of Spotify.

Viagra Professional buy find cialis in germany. FacebookThe creating of the App Center offers Facebook a unique opportunity that other stores do not have — a ready-made target audience of over 900,000,000 people who share a great deal of their interests via that website. When each user goes to sign in, they will have the choice to log into the App Center via their Facebook account. As an individual’s likes and dislikes — and their friends likes and dislikes — are all over their Facebook accounts, this gives the App Center a big advantage. Facebook can now recommend apps that each user is more likely to download according to what they have listed as their likes and what their friends have downloaded. The App Center also sells Facebookai??i??s own apps, another advantage, as these can be featured and marketed in a number of ways that will set them apart from others of a similar nature.

This move by Facebook to open its own marketplace for apps will encourage businesses and developers to create made-to-order paid apps that are specifically for Facebook. This will not only bring in more revenue for the social network giant, but offer opportunities for developers and businesses to reach the perfect target audience with their apps. It will look like an attractive opportunity for developers to have their app promoted to buy cipro online nolvadex order the very people that they want to download it, something that no other app store offers in such a categorical way.

With the added benefits for app developers and businesses being so vast, it looks as though Facebook has added another aspect to their social network that not only makes it the biggest in the world, but makes it a very user-friendly site for businesses. Facebook is offering them not only a way of communicating with other businesses and their consumers, but the presence of such a tailored marketplace will in turn increase the presence that many businesses have on Facebook, thus increasing the buy provigil amount of users, benefitting and Facebook even more.

Image: Annette Shaff / Shutterstock.com

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