Facebook Triumphs In Display Ad Arena

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The figures released earlier today by comScore on the US online display advertising market confirm what most of us have suspected — Facebook continues to grow in influence and presence almost in every measure imaginable. In the figures that reflect the market for Q1 of 2011, Facebook accounted for 346 billion impressions, almost one-third (31.2%) of the total display ad impressions in home/work/university locations in the US. The remaining top 10 publishers included Yahoo! Site (10.1% share), Microsoft Sites (4.8%), AOL, Inc. (3.0%), Google Sites (2.5%), Turner Digital (1.6%), Fox Interactive Media (1.1%), Glam Media (0.9%), CBS Interactive (0.8%), and Viacom Digital (0.8%).

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Equally as interesting, the top 10 US online display advertisers themselves are led by AT&T Inc. with 1.8% share, buy paxil clomid for sale uk, clomid for sale uk, clomid for sale uk, clomid for sale uk, clomid for sale uk, clomid for sale uk. cheap Antabuse buy motilium 10mg Experian Interactive (1.5%), Scottrade, Inc. (1.0%, and Intuit Inc. (1.0%). Netflix, Inc. is s6th and Groupon is 7th overall.

With the number of impressions on Facebook coming in at nearly twice what it was during the comparable period in 2010, there can be no doubt that it is considered a force to be reckoned with. With more than 500 million users worldwide since its inception in February of 2004, and new monetization schemes underway, Facebook is in a unique position of appearing to be able to do no wrong. The Wall Street Journal estimated that Facebook could exceed $2 billion in earnings in 2011, and may have a valuation of$100 billion by the time it goes public (currently estimated to occur early in 2012).

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What do you think? Can Facebook maintain this hectic growth pattern? Are businesses doxycyclin cheap outside those such as communications or entertainment giants ready to embrace advertising on its social platform? Or will their growth come from other avenues (such as commissions/shares of payment systems, etc.). Let us know in the comments.

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