Finding Nuggets of Knowledge

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I mentioned a few times about how it important it is to plan the setup of your pay-per-click campaigns. One of the most important aspects of the planning process involves uncovering the “nuggets of knowledge” of your business’ product and/or service. What do I mean by antibiotic order “nuggets of knowledge?”

Because of the limited number of characters available for your ad descriptions, every word you choose must pack a punch. They must connect with your visitors, express an explicit benefit and generate action (e.g. a click-through.) buy viagra It is therefore important to uncover the small nuggets (the key benefits your target customer perceives from your product or service) that perform all of the duties required from your ad copy.

How do you uncover your nuggets? The best way is to test ad copy using different word variations. For example, testing “proven” versus “tested” when promoting cheap zyban a real estate strategies book. Other ways include studying your competitors’ ads, leveraging customer insights gained through other marketing channels like direct mail, SEO and email or from conducting poll/surveys of your current customers.

The key point is to uncover the benefits and the associated words that ring the loudest in your customers’ ears. You’ll know when you hit gold – your click-through rates will surge. And buy Caverta online, buy zithromax online. if you leverage that insight on your landing pages – your lead or sales conversions should follow.

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