First Look At Microsoft’s “Google Killer”

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Recently Microsoft released its new search engine,, which they promise will be better than Google in six months. The search engine is a part of Microsoft’s larger effort, called Windows Live.

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Windows Live Search comes with a few interesting features that are not found anywhere else:
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The Scope Bar.
The scope bar lets the user adjust the amount of detail about the search results. The user can have as little as the title and the URL and as much as the title, full description and URL of each search result. It also adds the ability to search within the sites in the search results page.

Smart Scrolling. Smart scrolling moves results fluidly within a page, without reloading the page. This feature might improve the click-through rate for the second and even third page results because smart scrolling eliminates the sense of going from page to page. At the same time the first page holds only about 7-8 results (depends on the size of the description) which makes it harder to get listed on the first page.

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Feed Reader. The feed readers allows the user to search for feeds by keyword and preview them before subscribing to them. With one click the feed can be added to the user’s homepage.

Overall, the ideas are nice but Microsoft has a long way to go before they can make Windows Live Search into a real buy provigil “Google Killer”.

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  1. I really like the smart scrolling.

    This is great. Hopefully Google will be adding some 'smart' features into their search. I feel they've concentrated on everything else except search. Maybe will wake 'em up.