Five For Friday — April 1-5, 2013

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Here are some of this week’s most interesting and important news items and articles. Some exceptional April Fool’s Day efforts this year, but I’ll leave those out of this report. If you’d like to see a roundup of a whole bunch, April Fools 2013: The Ultimate RoundUp at Techcrunch is a good one that goes beyond the usual Google ones.

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1.A� Conquering Pagination – A Guide to Consolidating Your Content — The issue of pagination and how it affects SEO efforts is one that periodically comes up to remind us that we do need to pay attention to how we handle it, even if it seems less urgent than some other concerns. This piece by Ayima does a good job of laying out the issues, possible solutions, and the pluses and minuses of each.

2.A� Marketing Advice for a New Website: Starting From the Ground Up — Koozai has detailed advice on what to focus on if you are just starting up a new website in terms of social media, blogging, on-site, and off-site initiatives.

3.A� While “Facebook Home” Keeps Google, Search Is Harder To Reach — Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand takes a look at the implications of the Facebook Home announcement for search.

4.A� Tips To Streamline Google AdWords For Small Business oral lamisil over the counter. — Lisa Raehsler looks at how a small business can make the best use of Google AdWords with the least investment of time over at ClickZ.

5.A� Silvitra tab online, generic Zoloft. Viagra Jelly without prescription Link Building No-Nos: How To Sabotage Your Content In A Hot Minute — AimClear has a list of the absolute do-not-do-this if you are looking to build links via content pitches to other sites/blogs.

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