Five For Friday — April 29-May 3, 2013

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Here are five of this week’s buy dapoxetine most interesting and informative news items and blog posts about the world of online marketing.

1.A� 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagment – Social Media Insider offers a refresher course, with some new tidbits of advice, for putting some life back in your social media efforts.

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2.A� Query v. Session: Expanding Your Keyword Research Envelope — The Bing Webmaster blog has a nice (and straightforward) explanation of how looking at query vs. session keyword use can help you figure out new avenues to explore in terms of the kind of content that might bring more visitors to your site.

3.A� – The official Google Blog released the results of its semi-annual Transparency Report, which summarizes details of the requests from a variety of governments across the world to remove content from Google from July to December 2012. Well worth a look if you are concerned about censorship and the free flow of information on the Internet.

4.A� Competitor Research In An Inbound Marketing World on line, no prescription, viagra. — Has embracing the idea of inbound marketing changed how you approach competitor research? If not, look at John Doherty’s article on SEOmoz where he talks about the issue and offers some concrete advice, tips, and some excellent spreadsheets ready to download to help you alter your approach to better fit your goals.

5.A� Bill’s Most Excellent Top 10 SEO Rules — One of our favorite contributors, Bill Slawski (the guru of the study of patents that may influence the way search is structured), has a short-but-sweet list of 10 SEO tasks/rules that are essential. In the comments, others add their favorites/must-haves, making this post even better.

Bonusshutterstock_136003253 buy bentyl online Bonus: My mathematical interests (and abilities) regrettably fail not far above 2+2 these days, but even I found the Google post interesting in discussing how a classic math problem the Seven Bridges of Koenigsberg (now the city of Kaliningrad in Russia) deemed insoluble by Leonhard Euler way back in 1745 has helped Google figure out the best routes for the Street View cars that we all love to pose for and catch recording embarassing moments.

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