Five For Friday, August 6-10, 2012

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Here buy clomid are five of this week’s most interesting and important news items:

1.Ai?? Facebook Unveils First Non-Social Mobile Ad Unit, Allowing Developers To Buy Clicks To AppAi??Stores — TechCrunch reports on this new development in ad opportunities at Facebook that’s currently in a small private beta.

2.Ai?? Is Your Linkbuilding Working? How to Easily Check Using Webmaster Tools and a Pivot Chart — over at SEOmoz, this fantastic how-to clearly sets out how to check on your link building’s effectiveness, even going so far as to explain how to turn the data into a pivot chart (and not once did my eyes glaze over and the room go dark!).

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3.Ai?? FTC: $22.5M Penalty To Get Google To ai???Take Its Privacy Obligations More Seriouslyai??? — Marketing Land has an analysis of the FTC fine to Google re: privacy and the lack of a liability factor in the ruling.

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4.Ai?? How Google Finds Unnatural Links to Your Website — Search Engine Journal has a step-by-step on finding unnatural links to find out if you are in a bad link neighborhood.

5. How I Recovered from the Google Panda Slap — a reader of SEORankings shares his story of specific things he did to recover from Panda.

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Frances Krug has worked in market research since graduating from UCLA with an MA and CPhil in Latin American history. As an editor and online content provider for the last 7 years, she currently is Associate Editor at iNET Interactive, where she also directs Search Marketing Standard's email marketing program.

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