Five For Friday, June 3-7, 2013

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Here are five of viagra cheap buy prazosin this week’s most interesting and informative news items and articles:

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1.A� An Update on Facebook Ads — Facebook announces that they are streamlining their advertising options by adding consistency to existing options and eliminating ad formats that are virtually the same as others. Look for this to play out over the next six months, starting in July.

2.A� Yandex Makes Search Queries The Destination Rather Than The Journey — An interesting development from the Russian search giant about a way to keep searchers on the query page longer by letting them, for example, make a restaurant reservation instantly, instead of having to follow through to the website itself.

3.A� Link Removal Request Tips for Webmasters & Business Owners — If you’ve received a request to remove a link, or conversely, you want to request that a link be removed, Search Engine Watch has good tips on how to go about the process — and get the results you want — without leaving hurt feelings on either side (“my site isn’t spammy”).

4.A� How Google Authorship AND PENGUIN have killed our traffic - A follow up article detailing one site’s exploration of the exact reasons they ran into problems with Penguin and Google authorship. A good place to look if you are still wondering what kind of behavior can get you in trouble and a lesson teaching us all that past actions need to be constantly reevaluated as well.

5.A� Choosing the Right Mobile Site Platform — Distilled supplies the questions you need to answer to decide if you should invest in a separate mobile site or not, plus a link to a very useful Building Your Mobile Friendly Site guide.

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