Five For Friday — March 4-8, 2013

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Here are five of this week’s most interesting buy dapoxetine and important news items and articles:

1.Ai?? Facebook News Feed Redesign Gives Marketers What They’ve Pined For: Bigger Ads buy lioresal Viagra Professional cheapest where to buy nolvadex, buy Zoloft. Lasix without prescription — AdAge has analysis of Facebook’s announcement this week on their pending redesign of the news feed and what it might mean to businesses using the social media property.

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2.Ai?? Google For Mobile: How Google Makes Money From Mobile — Wordstream lo0ks at the various ways that Google monetizes mobile via an incredibly long infographic featuring details of 20 of them (yes, 20!).

3.Ai?? Announcing Fresh Web Explorer — SEOmoz has a beta release of new toy in Fresh Web Explorer, available to their PRO members. It offers a comprehensive look at very recent mentions of blog posts, social media mentions, etc., something that is difficult (if not impossible) to easily find with other conventional sources. If you’re not a PRO member and want to give it — and the other cool items available with a membership — a try, there is a 30-day free trial.

4.Ai?? What Does A Natural Link Portfolio Look Like? — There’s tons of talk about links and how they should be “natural,” but if you are concerned that your linking strategy may be far from natural, this post at Vysability will show you what to look for with your website to ensure you are on the straight-and-narrow path that will keep you out of trouble with the search engines.

5.Ai?? Interflora Is Back: What Did They Fix & How Did They Come Back So Fast? — Further on linking, the lowdown on how Interflora fixed the situation with Google about advertorials and links to their site deemed questionable.

Image: Jack In the Box by Shutterstock

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