Five For Friday — May 7-11, 2012

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Lots of grumbling this week all over about the Penguin update effects and much discussion about how Google’s emphasis on “over optimization” will change how online marketers do things. Still too early to really understand all the implications, but here’s five of the most interesting and informative news items from the week.

1.  The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, Twitter — Samantha Murphy blogs at Mashable about the good and bad times of the day to announce content on social media properties Twitter and Facebook.

2.  Manage multiple locations more easily with a new tool for Google Places – Managing your Google Places page can be challenging enough, without adding the complexity of a business with multiple locations. Google made it a bit easier this week with their announcement of a bulk listing management tool. A training video makes it easy to learn how to use the tool.

3.  Can There Really Be 85 Types Of Unnatural Links? — Eric Ward has long been involved with links and link building, and his latest column at Search Engine Land showcases his knowledge and experience on the subject, in light of the Penguin update.

4.  LinkedIn for Business: Optimizing Your Company Profile – Part 2 – Jessica Lee at continues her series on using LinkedIn for business, with tips and step-by-steps.

5.  20 Simple Ways to Boost Blog Subscribers sildalis buy online — Pamela Vaughan at HubSpot has another great piece on boosting subscriber numbers at your blog. Nothing new or earth-shattering here, but having top advice collected together in one spot is always a hit!

and a bonus number 6 …

6.  cheap Hydroxyzine 10 Dangerous Defaults in PPC antibiotic cheap baclofen reviews order Malegra online cheap trazedone without preswcription viagra order . , generic Zoloft. buy fluoxetine — Elizabeth Marsten at Portent comes up with a post identifying 10 PPC-related default settings in search engine PPC programs that can be easy to ignore or not completely understand. The consequence? Lost ad spend, bad ROI, poor conversions, and any number of other catastrophes. Especially useful for those just venturing into PPC for the first time, but worth a glance from anyone already running campaigns.



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