Five For Friday — September 2-6, 2013

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Here’s five of this week’s viagra cheap most interesting and informative industry-related articles:

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1. 10 Features Unique To Bing Ads That You Might Not KnowA�- Search Engine Land recaps a post from Bing Ads Blog covering features of Bing Ads that are useful and possibly unknown to marketers who spend a great deal of time working with Google AdWords.

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2. buy bactrim online Topsy Makes Every Tweet Since The Beginning Of TimeA�- Marketing Land reports on an announcement made by Topsy, a social search and analytics company. Topsy, which previously had indexed every Tweet on Twitter since July, 2010, has now announced they have indexed every single Tweet since the launch of the popular social platform. You can even see the first-ever tweet if you are so inclined.

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3. Increase Retargeting Success on FBX: Bidding Opportunities- has a detailed analysis data comparing retargeting campaigns on Facebook Exchange to Google Ad Exchange in regards to biddable opportunities for users in the A�remarketing campaign’s audience.

4. 25 Mistakes Link Builders MakeA�- Boost Rank SEO goes through 25 mistakes that link builders often make but might not be aware of and how they are hurting their goals. There are lots more mistakes you could be making, but these 25 are among the worst offenders.

5. Weighting The Clusters Of Ranking Factors In Google’s AlgorithmA�- The Moz’s Whiteboard Friday post dives into different aspects that affect rank in Google. By referencing the opinions of SEO experts, Rand Fishkin gives each factor a percentage of weight to use when looking to improve your own site’s ranking. As always, the Whiteboard Friday on Moz is well worth a look.

Have a great buy paxil weekend!

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