Five For Friday — September 9-13, 2013

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Here are five of this week’s most informative and buy neurotin interesting articles:

1.A� The Sad State of My Search Traffic After Disavowing 35,000 Links a�� Have you ever wondered what would happen if you used Googlea��s Disavow Tool and disavowed all your links, even the ones to trusted sites like and Search Engine Land? Well, Cyrus went ahead with it, and here are the results. Great reading in the comments of this one, too.

2.A� 6 Ways to Maximize Your Google+ Engagement purchase zyban a�� Social Media Examiner has a nicely put together post with ways to get more engagement out of your content on Google Plus. Now that G+ is more established, it may very well be time to rethink how youa��ve been approaching the use of this social property.

3.A� 5 Things Every Search Conference Newbie Should Know a�� Are you scheduled to attend your first search conference later this year? Seer Interactive provides tips for getting the most out of your investment a�� with conference attendance becoming a harder sell for those holding the budget pursestrings, you need to ensure the dollars are well-spent.

4.A� Graph-ology 101 a�� The Science behind Google Knowledge Graph and Facebook Graph SearchA�–A�Confused by all this talk of a�?graphsa�?? Both Google and Facebook use the term for different reasons and this article lays out the basics of each to help you understand what each term means and how they have evolved.

5. A�12 Content Forms For Your Blog When You Dona��t Have Time To Write A Novel buy doxycycline doxycyclin online — Search Engine People has some good advice on topic formats that work well as blog posts, especially when you are coming up a little dry in the inspiration realm. These 12 are always good options of course, but we tend to forget about some of them at just the time we most need them!

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Bonus: Since ita��s Friday the 13th, leta��s pass along a little good karma with a link to a free course on landing pages put together by some of the top names in search marketing (like Rand Fishkin and Oli Gardner) with tons of examples and great video. Dona��t miss the first lesson that is now up at The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course.

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