Five Things to Do if Your Link Bait Ain’t Gettin’ Linked

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1) Be patient.
Two days isn’t long enough to know if it’s successful or not. It takes time for those emails you sent out to influential bloggers to get read and responded to or for the seven people who Dugg it to get around to mentioning it in MySpace.

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viyagra. 2) Revise it.
Improve it. Add more content. Because my current link bait projects started in forums, I update them as new ideas or resources emerge.

3) Request feedback.
Rather than posting and positioning it as an ultimate guide to anything, ask your community what else it needs, whether that’s through your email newsletter, forum, blog, or phone call.

4) Figure out WHY this one’s not getting links…
It’s probably because you failed to hit the key passions of your community. Titles are important, no doubt about it but if you’re not hitting your audience where they’re passionate (heh) then it’s time to start over.

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5) Go with the flow.
What… you mean no one’s linking to the 2,500 word link bait piece you wrote but you’ve got a storm of people linking to a post you tossed off in five minutes? THERE’S YOUR FRIKKIN’ LINK BAIT.

Expand buy levitra that post and give it the old social media distribution treatment.

And a note – go read Joe Whyte’s piece on Cultivating a Blog Community… everything he discusses there will help you strengthen your distribution channels and your writerly sense of what will be a smash hit in your market/community.

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