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Follow These 5 Guidelines For SEO Content Success


SEO certainly isna��t dead (as some so-called experts may be proclaiming).A� However, it certainly is evolving.A� If you think that you can find SEO success simply by adding some keywords to the meta information on your site and by adding some inbound links from any old site that you can find a link opportunity, you will be disappointed.A� The search engines want to provide users with the best possible results and the businesses that are finding the most search engine success are the ones that are providing Internet users with great information in the form of content, which has become the focus of any good SEO campaign.A� Adding keywords naturally to content is still an important function of SEO, but it really Female Cialis for sale, acquire dapoxetine buy zyban . requires much more than that.

Follow these guidelines when creating content (on site or off site) in order for it to have any impact:

1.A� Avoid promotional speak

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The purpose of online marketing content is to get your brand noticed by target audience members.A� What kind of information are they looking for?A� By helping them solve a problem or providing more information about your industry you are able to establish your business as a thought leader in the industry.A� purchase zyban If you prove that you a�?know your stuff,a�? these prospects will be more likely to remember you when it comes time for them to buy.A� People dona��t like to feel like they are being pitched to.A� If your marketing content is primarily promotional, ita��s no different than an advertisement for your products or services and is more likely to be ignored.

2.A� The majority should be original

There is so much content out there on the web that ita��s tempting to simply point target audience members in the right direction, as opposed to creating content of your own.A� Ita��s OK to use this tactic every once in a while as long as you are linking to the original source, but you dona��t want to do it all of the time.A� The purpose of content marketing is to share your thoughts and opinions, not the thoughts and opinions of others.A� If you are just rehashing what everyone else is saying or even worse, just linking buy fildena out to it without any insight of your own, prospects wona��t really be able to get to know what your company stands for.

3.A� Keep it a�?thicka�?

As opposed to a�?thina�?.A� The search engines perceive Brand Viagra purchase www.ordering perictin. content that doesna��t have many words (think less than 400) to provide little value to readers.A� When creating content, make it a goal to keep it above 500 words.

4.A� Make sure that ita��s relevant

It can be challenging to think of Viagra Jelly cheap content topics that pertain to a business or industry which is why many businesses make the mistake of going astray and creating content that has very little to do with what they offer.A� You dona��t want your content to cause any kind of brand confusion.A� In addition, non-focused content can result in attracting the wrong kinds of visitors (that will never convert) to your site.

5.A� Add social sharing buttons

Social media is no longer just for branding and now plays an integral role in SEO.A� The search engines consider social signals (Shares, Likes, Re-Tweets, etc.) when ranking content.A� Make it easy for people to share your valuable content with their networks by including social sharing buttons.

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  1. All good points, Nick. It's easy to badmouth Google for "changing the rules," ... but, hey, they're still looking for the same end result I look for in a search: accurate and helpful information.

  2. Yes I agree with Don; the question I always ask myself before publishing content on my sites, "is this the type of article I would be prepared to 'like' or recommend or even encourage me to click on a link to buy" Thanks for the points Nick Regards Russ