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I have expressed my concern with Yahoo’s Search Marketing platform more than once but this time, I have to send some praise over to Yahoo’s Developers’ Center. If you are a web developer (or a website conversion specialist or even just want to create a stronger customer experience so you’ll ideally make more money) you have to visit:

This incredible resource is available for free and it spreads open the gates to Yahoo’s vast, time-tested knowledge of user experience design. Yahoo has exposed their testing results on issues ranging from ratings and reviews, reputation, navigational structure, ad placement layouts, bead-crumb navigation best practices and wire-framing tools. In my past experience, I have spent considerable buy apcalis time searching for this grade of information and have often paid for best practices based on valid testing. Now it’s free.

Check out the section on ventolin online, ventolin online, ventolin online, ventolin online, ventolin online, ventolin online. reputation and check out a list of reputation tools tested by Yahoo including use cases, cautionary lists, examples and other excellent information.Ai?? When my team member showed me this cornucopia of design best practices, I was very surprised Yahoo gave it away for free.Ai?? But to my skeptical eyes, I was impressed. Great work Yahoo!

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You can also find similar information at Viagra Professional without prescription, generic Zoloft. So why am I so excited? Because a website or landing page that provides an outstanding user interface (customer experience) makes it easier for a customer to interact with your business. Easier interactions means convenience, and convenience can quickly lead into more sales. As importantly, finding valid testing data to use as best practices for developing an effective customer experience for your website or landing pages means less time and money spent on researching and purchasing – hence more profit.Ai?? It’s a win-win – Yahoo!


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Kevin Gold is Director of Internet Marketing at iNET Interactive, a social media company operating prominent online communities for technology professionals and technology enthusiasts. Kevin is a frequent contributing author to multiple publications including Search Marketing Standard, Practical eCommerce, DIRECT,,,, and On Target (Yahoo! Search Marketing newsletter).

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