Free SEO Tool Checks IPs For Results-Crippling Duplication

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I got an email recently from Owen of AuthorityDomains, an SEO and link building operation founded by Marcela De Vivo (who was a moderator at WebMasterWorld for three years according to buy dapoxetine her site).

Owen sent me a link to his new free Bulk Class C IP Checker and I thought I’d offer it to you for a test run.

The tools checks for:
Total # of domains entered
Total # of distinct domains
Total # of unique IPs
Total # of unique IP Subnets
Total # of domains with Duplicate Subnets
Total # of duplicate IPs

According to Owen’s email, “we have included a web version or a Sildalis buy online, Zoloft reviews. downloadable CSV. buy valtrex online All the data is summarized and included in individual sections for easy analysis.”

As a content and community focused marketer achat viagra en pharmacie. (un-techie to the extreme), my understanding is that this tool shows you things that could be negatively affecting your search engine results without you knowing it.

Owen – buy lisinopril would you mind leaving a comment that explains why these things are important to check for, and what the indications of a problem are?

And oh yeah – HI SEARCH MARKETING STANDARD BLOG READERS! I’m writing for YOU now thanks to Andrey’s kind invitation :) Send me an email if there’s something in particular you’d like to nolvadex without prescription read about: [email protected]


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