Help Your Cause With A Little Help From Your Friends (at Google)

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If you run a non-profit or work for one, you may have heard about Google Grants, a program whereby authorized non-profits can receive free advertising credits on Google that can really add up to an impressive supplement to nolvadex without prescription what are almost always marketing efforts that are underfunded and dependent upon the goodwill of volunteers to keep them functioning. Google Grants will allocate up to $10,000 per month in AdWords credits, which is about $300 per day. In most cases, of course, the grant amounts will be less than that but it’s a nice step up, no matter how you look at it. Restrictions apply, but the program is not just limited to US non-profits — Google has expanded the program to include a number of other countries.

Although you may know of Google Grants, you may not, however, know that you can take advantage of another program buy lisinopril ciprolet 500 para que sirve. for non-profits offered by Google to help you with the setting up and collection of donations through a secure system. Even if you don’t qualify for the Google Grants program itself, as long as you qualify as an IRS Certified 501(c) 3 Non-Profit, you can get some help with your donation process through Google Checkout for Non-Profits. The program consists of an easy-to-set-up donation process that is secure, together with donation buttons to place on your website. Repeat donations can easily be accommodated by the system.

Best of all, if you are a Google Grants recipient, you can also get the transaction fees what accompany any Google Checkout account waived, so it’s a double win. Free advertising and free donation transacting. Of course there is a little paperwork to complete, but it’s fairly minimal. Just be sure to be buy Super Kamagra online, purchase zithromax. consistent in reporting your correct federal tax ID number and that your mailing address matches your federal tax records.

Transaction fees, if you have to pay them, are low enough that if you don’t have a low-cost donation widget working viagra cheap on your site, it’s still worth investigating.

Information on Google Grants itself is located here; the Google Checkout for Non-Profits information is here.


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