Gates Leaves – Was It Something I Said?


Well, it’s a beautiful sunny day out here on the West Coast and I’m behind on reading my email and my j**jd email server is down, so I can’t even check on the news. To my amazement, however, the news of the day hit me in the face this morning while reading buy levothroid the morning paper. Bill Gates has announced he is resigning from the day-to-day affairs at Microsoft to concentrate on his other interests. And just after I gave some (admittedly grudging) compliments to Microsoft on their contribution to getting us where we are today. Was it something I said, Bill? I tried to be nice :)

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Seriously, one might think “oh well, Bill probably doesn’t actually DO that much anymore. viagra buy cheap tadalafil, buy lioresal online. Everything is running smoothly under the monolith that is “Microsoft”, but I’m not so sure. Gates has been the face of Microsoft – most non-IT types couldn’t even name anyone else who works there, much less who might now be in control. zyban without prescription Will consumer confidence start to erode with no Bill Gates to center on? I honestly don’t know. I just think it’s ironic that when I talk about Microsoft, Bill leaves :)


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Frances Krug has worked in market research since graduating from UCLA with an MA and CPhil in Latin American history. As an editor and online content provider for the last 7 years, she currently is Associate Editor at iNET Interactive, where she also directs Search Marketing Standard's email marketing program.

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  1. Frances, take advantage of the powers. Mention that Google needs to be friendlier to SEOs and share information.

    But seriously, I think Bill Gates is not doing this because he seems to be losing a game or anything like that. I think that like many of us, when we reach some sort of a comfort level (we finished climbing that mountain), we want to start another one.

    Remember, some people like change.

    Can I recommend you to use another Blog software other than Blogger? Having comments in a pop up window is not something too useful. Other than that, good blog.

  2. Frances

    Igor, I will try to make some magic with Google once my powers have been recharged!

    As for Bill, he's been running Microsoft for decades and is nearing the age when many choose to retire early if they can afford to (and Gates can certainly afford to). I agree that he probably is looking for another challenge. I guess we've got the 2-year transition period to find out a little more about what that might be as far as Bill is concerned.

    I'll talk to Andrey when he's back about your comment on Blogger's interface. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to post a comment (my first one since I began contributing!)