Giants of SEO: GrayWolf Interviews RCJordan on Big Site Development

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Gather round SEMers… GrayWolf’s interview with RCJordan will take you back to the days when SEO meant doorway pages for Alta Vista.

As I’m Female Cialis for sale, acquire dapoxetine. currently in my affiliate marketing apprenticeship I find these kinds of interviews VERY INFORMATIVE because they’re dripping with great nuggets of advice.

Foremost amongst those from Jordan in this interview are his thoughts about his specialty – big site, long tail search engine optimization:

My specialty, what I really enjoy doing, is large site development… For onsite stuff, Ia��m still a big believer in the old themed pyramid structure and systematic in-site linking. You want some do-this tips?

1. Raise the content density. Do it even if it means sacrificing your English Major or, Heaven help you, your School of Art & Design background. Think of legitimate ways to be redundant. Personally, I like to increase the footprint of the primary content by stripping non-content items out of pages by writing them buy allopurinol in javascript. The page makes sense, though in a stark sort of way, even when viewed with javascript off.

2. Start a photo gallery. A FLAT, non-dynamic photo gallery. … Oh, youa��re a bad photographer? Herea��s a related tip; search engines dona��t judge photo quality.
3. Always try to put you money pages as a directory root (index.whatever file) and never link to it with the full url to file name, just the directory. generic zyban Ia��ve had some well-ranked pages that started and .htm, then were .html, then .shtml, and are now .php yet never broke their link in the serps.

I also appreciated his thoughts on design and copy writing… (and I’m reminded of an article called is ghetto a design choice?):

…if you use a sophisticated design youa��re running the risk of tripping head-on the into the usera��s anti-marketing bias. Add some confusion with a mouseover multi-level dhtml menus or expect them to use the search box properly and youa��ve erectile dysfunction edmonton. lost them.

Yes folks, this line went directly into an email to one of my lead gen site development buddies :D .

Read the interview people. It also includes some of Jordan’s thoughts on local search optimization.

Spotted at SEObook.

Closing the Loops
Recently for SMSblog I covered developments in supplemental results tactics for Google.

Wall offered tips recently for calculating your supplemental listings ratio, which should Viagra Super Active cheap give you a starting point for action.

This tool shows you ONLY supplemental results in Google also.

Also I recently covered the usage of video in marketing and direct sales. Wall recently wrote a long post on the value of video to marketers. DIG INTO IT folks. Think about how you can get started in video. Video is big like Digg only bigger ;P

(update – you acquire nolvadex may have found this post without links earlier in the day… my apologies I’m still learning this updated wordpress! G)


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