Google AdWords Adds Demographic Targeting Option

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As reported by Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal, Google has just added demographic targeting to its list of options available to AdWords’ advertisers (which already includes localized, contextual, and keyword targeting). The new Demographic Site Selection allows AdWords’ advertisers to target by age, gender, income or other factors. You can even combine these criteria to target men between 30-45 years old, for example.

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With the AdWords site tool, you can pick your preferences in up to three different demographic categories. The system will analyze your preferences and create a list of available Google Network sites that are popular with that audience. Therefore, in any situation of stress buy deltasone online hormone therapy should be restored. If you select multiple demographics, the AdWords system will look for sites that match all of your preferences. For instance, you might ask the site tool to look for sites popular with users who have children, or for sites popular with men earning a high income. The site tool will then return a list of sites whose audience tends to match those demographic descriptions.

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As Andy Beal pointed out, the AdWords Demographic Site Selection appears to be a response to similar features in the new MSN adCenter. Definitely an interesting development and a very useful feature for any AdWords advertiser. The addition of demographic targeting might just be the thing to persuade advertisers to take a look at the Content Network again, which many advertisers fail to take advantage of.

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