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Earlier this month, June 8 cheap zoloft th to be exact, Google announced that its new search index, Caffeine, was officially live. With Caffeine in place, Google claims that it will increase the speed of its search results by up to 50%. Faster indexing and quicker search results are great for both site operators and users, but there are a few things that search engine optimization (SEO) experts need to take into account with their ongoing optimization efforts in order to keep up with the faster pace that Caffeine brings to the race.

  • With the additional emphasis on speed, page load times are now more of a factor than before. You can guarantee that Google will be weighting page load time a bit heavier now and pages that take longer than say, 2 seconds to load, will be penalized more than in the past. This will also spill over into the pay-per-click (PPC) world as well. Since page load times impact quality scores in Adwords, Google will again be weighting this factor more heavily than before the launch of Caffeine.
  • There is now a greater importance on real-time web results. Utilizing social media is now essential and social sites like Facebook and Twitter have a further importance in a companyai??i??s overall SEO strategy, and they will help Google index content even faster, which adds to a more relevant search landscape.
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  • Keyword relevancy and quality content are now more important than ever as well. Sure this has been preached by Google for years, but with the new speed brought on by Caffeine, posting high quality content and promoting it is more critical to achieving high SEO marks. Caffeine will definitely help weed out some of the more spammy sites that are less concerned with producing quality content for their readers.

The advantages that Caffeine has with its near real-time results are tremendous. Both site owners and web searches will benefit from the new speeds that Google is now offering. Site owners just need to read between the lines and make sure they can keep up with the faster pace that Google has introduced. SEO experts buy paxil cialis 800mg, cialis 800mg, cialis 800mg, cialis 800mg, cialis 800mg, cialis 800mg. Viagra Sublingual cheap are very use to reading between the lines with Google, and I am sure there will be some additional factors and tweaks to Caffeine that Google announces in the coming months that will need to be further digested.


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Chris Stiner is both a SEM specialist and DRTV media buyer at Koeppel Direct. With over 10 years of offline and online direct response marketing experience, he has a unique skill set and outlook on the synergies of multi-channel SEM direct response marketing.

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  1. I love that social is affecting SEO more. I can only see that the future will continue to have more emphasis on social. Great post.