Google Combines Writely & Spreadsheets Into Google Docs

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Google has pulled the switch on Writely as a separate brand and has integrated it along with Google Spreadsheets into a new Google office suite, called Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

The layout viagra cheapest of the new office suite follows Google’s policy of simplicity. The word processor seems to be even simpler to use than Writely.

Google Docs supports major Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and StarOffice formats. Users can even start a new document by emailing it to the specially created email address (which, by the way, still uses the Writely domain name). Google’s word processor even supports saving documents in PDF format.

As expected with any web-based office suite, Google dapoxetine reviews, lioresal reviews. Docs allows for a lot of collaboration and file sharing. When sharing documents, users have access to their contact lists in Gmail, Calendar and other Google applications.

Google Doc documents can also be published to a unique domain where they can be shared with anyone with buy levothroid Internet access.

Yet another handy feature is the tag option. You can tag your saved buy ciprofloxacin 500 mg online. documents, which greatly simplifies the organization process.

Overall, I have found Google Docs to be a solid product with a lot of useful features. Now the only thing still missing purchase doxycycline is the PowerPoint clone.


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    it seems that Microsoft dont get any reactions for the moment.