Google Gives More Post-Panda Insight Into Building High-Quality Sites: Part 1 of 3


Google is not known for being hugely forthcoming about their search algorithms, and much of what determines how and why a website ranks well or doesna��t rank well for a particular phrase is shrouded in secrecy. But following its much-discussed Panda algorithm change earlier this year, the Californian search engine buy dapoxetine has released a few new snippets of information relating to how it judges a site and what can make a high-quality site just that.

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Although Panda has received much press and a lot has been made of the changes to rankings resulting from the algorithm, at least 12 or so more tweaks have been carried out to search ranking techniques since then. Google itself says that it expects to Viagra Jelly cheapest make around 500 changes to its search interpretations this year alone so it would be counterproductive to focus only on cracking Panda and developing a site based purely on those requirements. What is helpful though is to develop a better understanding of how Google decides that a site is of a high quality and deserving of a strong, highly visible position in the SERPs.

Information released this month by the search engine sheds new light on their thinking and should be memorized, stored and pulled out each time you plan on making any changes or additions to your website. Of course, these tips can be adapted to suit your own particular site and niche. Theya��ll also need to be revised when new algorithm changes become apparent but for the most part, these are all best practice techniques that buy Erectalis online, nolvadex cheap buy Zoloft. should always have a place at the heart of your search marketing strategy.

What factors does Google seek for a high-quality site? order npxl online

Google states that its ranking signals are based on the user experience. They urge website owners to focus on this rather than the pursuit of number one rankings. That said, there is a balancing purchase lioresal act between the luxury of focusing on the user experience and the need to have a strong ranking on Google to attract users in the first place. Understanding how Google assess a web page or article and arrives at the conclusion that ita��s worth ranking well can make this process much easier. Satisfying the search engine is simply a question of asking yourself the same questions Google poses when developing its algorithms and crawling your content.

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Discover the factors that Google has unveiled as being crucial to the development of a high-quality web site in Parts 2 and 3 a��



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  1. Hey Rebecca, How often does Google update their search algorithm?

  2. Hi Ving, The search algorithm is updated constantly. While they make not make a big algorithm change like Panda more than a couple of times a year, they're constantly making tweaks to existing algorithms to perfect them and take into account new ranking signals

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