Google Quality Score Says “I’m OK, You’re Not So Hot”


Well, Andrey is off to Italy and I’m still stuck here in the Great White North, which may be a great place to be but a change of scenery every buy dapoxetine once in a while might be nice. Hint, hint [hope he brings me back a piece of the coliseum LOL] …

A late gift for the holidays – in addition to providing more info on what Quality Score is (as Andrey blogged earlier this month), Google has been conducting a test of showing the Quality Score for your PPC ad keywords inside your AdWords account and some information and screenshots have been posted on lithium canada pharmacy. DigitalPoint. Thanks to rustybrick for pointing me there. Unfortunately, there are only three possible “scores” – Great, OK, and Poor. Although it is debatable how useful such limited feedback may be, as one comment pointed out, this may be useful in facilitating A/B split testing of landing pages.

Google needs to fine tune this offering if it is going to be of much practical use. So “Poor” shows up if your ad is not active for search and “OK” or “Great” if it is active for search? Not a Red Viagra order lot of extra information there guys, especially since the column right next to it shows active/inactive status.

The only really useful information is providing the minimum cost per click for your zoloft online active keywords as well as the inactive ones in the same place. I’d like to see some numeric value assigned to Quality Score, but at least this is a move in the right direction. Let’s hope that feedback from initial testers results in a more robust feature as it moves out into the mass of AdWords account holders.

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  1. Anonymous

    FYI: Italy is ALSO in the Northern hemisphere.

  2. Frances

    Darn! No wonder I flunked Geography 101 all those years ago LOL ... seriously, thanks for the correction (post has been updated to reflect reality). What do you think about the Quality Score issue?