Google Releases Web Page Creator


Yet another tool from Google, Web Page Creator, was released today. This tool allows users to create and publish web pages with no prior knowledge in HTML. I don’t know if we are going back to the Tripod days, but it sure seems so. As Andy Beal points out on his blog: “When Google launches tools that allow the upload of content without charge, it encourages mis-use.”

I have to agree. A website with something of value to offer won’t use such a service. The only ones who might be interested in creating hundreds of pages with such a service are spammers. Check out the discussion on the topic going on at buy bupropion Search Engine Roundtable Forums Apcalis SX no rx, purchase clomid. .

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  1. Boris

    Could this possibly to lead to Google's future entry in paid web hosting?

    I could see potential in this for personal users who want to have a person website. The again, how this ties into search is a whole other question.


  2. Anonymous

    I just got my invite to Google Page Creator last week and it's a pretty interesting offering. Basically you can create a web page or pages without knowing a thing about HTML, web design, any kind of coding, etc. Of course the options are limited unless you have those skills, but it's a way for people without background to do their own web thing. Of course, your "websites" address is in a subdomain of google.

  3. Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, are trying to overshadow the SOFTWARE MARKET, and this is the reason why they are offering several similar services. Nowdays Microsoft Frontpage comes with every single Microsoft Office application, and it is quite easy to use / understand. In case some users do not want to delve into details of HTML programming, they can think of using some online/easy web design tool. However it cannot be applied to professional/portal websites, unless and until Google starts offering free scripts to host web applications like blogs/portals similar to wordpress,drupal etc etc.