Google Sitemaps Adds New Features

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Below is the list of buy fildena the new features Google just added to their Sitemaps service:

Query stats: average top position
We already show you the top search queries that both returned your site in the results and those that searchers clicked on. Now you can see the top position for your site in the search results for both sets of queries. This position is the average over the last three weeks.

Top mobile search queries
We now also show you the top search queries from mobile devices that returned your site in the results. You’ll see both mobile searches of all sites, and mobile searches of mobile-specific sites. You’ll only see these results if they are available for your site. Note that at this time, we show only top search queries and not the clicks for those queries.

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Downloading Sitemap details, stats, and errors
You can now download information from your Sitemaps account to a comma separated value file, which you can open in any text editor or spreadsheet program. Download this information per table, or download Sitemap details, errors, or stats, for all sites in your account in one file.


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