Google Spreadsheets, a Challenge to Microsoft?

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Today, Google has released a limited beta version of its new spreadsheets application. Just like the Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets is a web-based application with quite a few useful features. You are able to import/export .xls and .csv files, control who can access, edit or view your data and, of course, save and store it online.

Because Google Spreadsheets is still in limited beta, you can’t really use it but you can sign up ipratropium for sale. Viagra Super Active online for an invite.

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So are we looking at the first application of the “Google Office Live Suite”? The possibility of a whole operating system is a bit far fetched but then again, what are you looking for in an web-based OS? E-mail? Check. IM? Check. Spreadsheet application? Check. baclofen without prescription Word processor? Well, if they got spreadsheets, I don’t think it buy npxl would be difficult to release Mircrosoft Word-like, web-based application for word processing.

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